The Democrats offer nothing. The material lives of Americans won’t improve under Biden. He’s another corporatist neoliberal stooge who works for Wall St., Billionaires and the corporate elite.

Here’s why Heir Trump wins in 2024.

  • No Medicare for all,
  • No $15 minimum wage
  • No monthly financial assistance for Americans struggling during covid
  • No meaningful plan for climate change
  • The .1% will get obscenely richer and poverty will expand.
  • The list is endless…

After Trump wins in 2024 there will never be another election…at least not until voter fraud is corrected...of course it never will. In fact, he’ll probably make all mail-in ballots illegal.

The biggest economic and military power will turn fascist and Climate denial will return. No country will be safe. I live in Canada…how hard would it be for Trump to turn on us and annex Alberta that is addicted to oil. It would be like like the Sudetenland was for Hitler. Borders mean nothing to a dictator and no one would be coming to save us.

The Democrats have done nothing to acknowledge any of this…they either don’t get it or don’t care…and I’m pretty sure they know what’s happening.

And finally, after Trump serves his out his term in 10 or 15 years…finally America will have its first female President…you guessed it…Ivanka Trump.

Sustainability strategist, writer & speaker. Exploring how capitalism fails to protect environmental & social capital and what to do about it.

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