Lydia, I feel like you didn’t bother reading my article and if you did you were looking to find fault with my ideas, so rather than digest them and think about what I am saying, you chose to take a combative tone.

Rather than go back and refute each point one by one I will say this; we can all make changes that are better for the climate and our planet and I encourage everyone to live that way however, you can’t deny that we are stuck in a climate plundering system that is controlled by corporations and billionaires that use their money and influence to ensure that the status quo remains.

Your argued that for most people it’s less expensive and more convenient to live an earth friendly life — you failed to convince me. And furthermore, I’m baffled that you would use as your argument that having less children proves that a climate friendly life is less expensive and easier.

At this point, I believe that we would both like to see change but the pathway on how to get there is where we differ. So we will have to agree to disagree.

You might also find some additional ideas that I didn’t have time to explore in this article titled, “Can Greta’s Movement Bring Moral and Financial Responsibility Into the Climate Conversation?”

Sustainability strategist, writer & speaker. Exploring how capitalism fails to protect environmental & social capital and what to do about it.

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