Lauren as usual I agree with your view. Let me propose an idea that might be considered fringe.

The Democrats, who are controlled by the same corporate interests as the Republicans, are quite satisfied with the state of the economy and their expanding wealth inequality, and therefore they don’t need to do much of anything at this point. Let that sink in for a second. The corporate elites and billionaires who fund both Democrats and Republicans are getting what they want.

Those funding the Democrats are not fighting the same fight as us…protecting democracy, right vs. wrong, holding those who cause harm and break the law accountable. Sooooo, they are telling their puppet politicians to go slow with a wait and see approach and the politicians who don’t represent the 99% are just following orders.

Now in terms of why the DNC won’t allow a climate change debate. This will be the focus of my next article but it’s a similar theme. If politicians delve into this issue too deeply there will come a time when the elite will be forced to accept that the economy needs to fundamentally change. That will cause pain to a lot of rich folks who are profiting from exploitation of both people and the environment. PLUS at some point the issue of responsibility will come up and the corporate elites and billionaires are terrified that they might be asked to pay for the past harms that they caused. I explore this issue in my article titled, “Forget the Carbon Tax: The Climate “Karma Tax” Is The Perfect Solution.”

Sustainability strategist, writer & speaker. Exploring how capitalism fails to protect environmental & social capital and what to do about it.

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