Hi Denis, thanks for your thoughtful response. I read your answer twice and the second time I began to realize that we have a fundamentally different view on how to build a well functioning economy and society and for that matter, how each of us would define liberal.

In your first two paragraphs you defended the system and it’s actors as just doing what they do for self enrichment or as you phrased it, self interest, and how it’s not necessarily nefarious.

I would go so far as to say that they’re not pure evil but I do think it’s more than just plain old market activity. There are a lot of strings being pulled in the background to stack the system in favour of the elite, such as; a lack of environmental protection and accountability, wage suppression and a low tax environment which has defunded many essential government services that the less fortunate rely on — of course not the military.

Also you seem to take issue with my placing the 1% into a single category when you call it “toxic to blame a whole class of people.” To be clear, the group that I’m placing into a “category” are the bulk (meaning not every single one) of billionaires. Either actively, through their political donations or by being silent, they have profited enormously from a rigged system — you may have noticed that none of them were screaming very loud as they watched hundreds of millions being added to their stock and real estate portfolios each year. I’m not talking about people who work hard and make a couple million each year — I’m talking about the top .01% whose greed and thirst for power knows no bounds.

In terms of the rest of your comments you seem to have positioned me as someone who thinks that the government can do everything for us when you said:

“You might not like hearing it but government played only a small role in bringing to market telephone, electricity, cable TV, and a few other things. Private industry did it based on the profit motive.”

To be clear, I don’t want the government making my car, my cellphone or many of the other products that I enjoy. However, there are many social and environmental aspects to our society that the government is best suited to address.

And lastly, I come full circle. Many of the social and environmental problems that we face today come from neoliberal policies that were created, funded and maintained by a very small group of “elite” people on the planet — there are only 2229 Billionaires who control 9 trillion dollars. That group has an unprecedented amount of wealth and power that is creating a wave of unrest that is sweeping the globe. So yes I do hold that group accountable - they didn’t just ride a wave, they actively created the conditions for it.

Sustainability strategist, writer & speaker. Exploring how capitalism fails to protect environmental & social capital and what to do about it.

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