Daniel — it’s always good to get the reader engaged but you sound quite disturbed with what you read. I’m not sure why —and it sounds like you’re not quite sure either.

From time to time I do find that people aren’t prepared to hear certain facts as they’re heavily invested in the status quo or the facts contradict their worldview. The response can be anger, a strong defense of their worldview or sometimes they attack the messenger.

In terms of Adele’s article I read it and I liked it. We both wrote about the exact same issue and published it just one day apart BUT we clearly had different viewpoints.

Adele asks: What would it look like if the world responded to the climate crisis with a similar sense of urgency as COVID19?

I ask: Are we missing the real issue — that if we don’t feel urgency or fear — it doesn’t matter what we “could” do — there’s no trigger that’s jolting us into action. So, how do we get our species to ‘feel’ the urgency (like COVID19)? This is what we’ve been missing all along.

My conclusion is based on the track record of all the players in this dance — we are way behind where we need to be and there’s no indication that we will prevent runaway climate change. Those are the facts.

I apologize to those people who like every article to end with a hopeful message — this time I just didn’t have one…but it has got me thinking about some new ideas moving forward.

Sustainability strategist, writer & speaker. Exploring how capitalism fails to protect environmental & social capital and what to do about it.

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